Precision Tracking Solutions, Inc. – Provides professional sales to Government & State agencies, first responders, select individuals & groups. In this current difficult economic environment, many companies are realizing that one of the best solutions for increasing profitability is through cost control. Precision Tracking Solutions Fleet provides three low cost GPS technology solution’s that delivers the information to you that you can access via the Web and stores it so that you can customize reporting to manage your bottom line. Your return on investment is significant.

Many companies charge separately for hardware, airtime and software use. PTS utilizes the latest hardware from CalAmp, Micron, and our own to combine the best solution for the customer. You are not nicked and dimed for every component that makes an efficient and effective system.

Precision Tracking Solutions Fleet is a feature rich solution to managing your business.  Those features include:

  • Easy-to-use web-based interface with no installation or maintenance
  • Easy-to-organize fleet information for automatic reporting
  • Easy-to-monitor reports that provide all the data needed to make the critical decisions that impact the cost of managing your fleet
  • Detailed mapping of all vehicle trails and locations
  • Precision Tracking Solutions Fleet database stores data from 1-5 years
  • Monitor and alert notification
  • Automated data scheduling
  • Vehicle mapping by region
  • Locate and Track (vehicle history)
  • Control of door locks and starter disable
  • Geofencing capabilities with alerts
  • Find nearest vehicle to address
  • No long term contracts

These features allow the Precision Tracking Solutions Fleet customer to see immediate core benefits including:

  • Enhanced customer service
  • Reduced service response times
  • Reduced fleet related operating costs such as fuel and maintenance
  • Increase completed work orders per day
  • Improve service related efficiency and profitability
  • Protection from liability and litigation
  • Theft and unauthorized use protection

Enhanced Tracking

  • 45 reports, Choice of Reporting Intervals, Multi-Year Storage
  • IFTA, EBOR, Light Rail, Public Transit compliant
  • Garmin – Fleet Wide Communications, API Integration
  • Smart-phone and Tablet apps
  • Safety, Maintenance package, Multi Sensor Inputs
  • Work Order Integration
  • Routing, Advanced Alert Package

Commercial Fleet

  • 12 Reports
  • Safety Package
  • Routing, Advanced Alert package, Multi Sensor Imputs
  • Garmin, API Integration, Choice of Reporting Intervals

Standard Fleet

  • 10 Reports
  • Advanced Routing and Past History
  • Maintenance Package, Two Minute Reporting Intervals
  • Smart Phone – Tablet Apps
  • Multi-Sensor Imputs

Precision Tracking Solutions offer this tremendous technology to help you manage your business.  Our platforms are designed around “best fleet management” practices, each with its own characteristics, covering Basic, Commercial and Enhanced applications.  So we work hard to make Precision Tracking Solutions an easy company to do business with.  Our new pricing schedule provides low cost hardware and service options, and NO long-term contract.

Operational and strategic benefits include, which applies to all three platforms, except noted below:

  • Real-time management visibility into mobile resource operations – Geo fence, landmarks, PTO, speed, idle, history, bread crumb trails, analytic reports, maintenance reminders, etc…
  • Real-time management with emergency situations and location.
  • Optimized mobile workforce performance.
  • Improved effectiveness of dispatch operations.
  • Self contained – battery powered. on the self contained models (Patrolman)
  • Accelerated expense reductions and productivity improvements for fleet assets.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction – some companies allow a web interface for customers to see where their product/shipment is in the transport process.
  • IFTA reports on the Enhanced platform
  • Garmin integration for the Enhanced Platform
  • Time Clocking for Drivers – driver id, eobr (electronic on-board records)…extra cost will apply, because more equipment (sensors-Ibutton) is needed.
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