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About PTS Tracking

Precision Tracking Solutions Inc. (PTS) is a solution based Texas Company specializing in cutting edge tracking, emergency and recovery technology products.

Asset Management

Manage your fleet from a central admin console with full reporting capabilities. Login to manage your assets and move more efficiently.

GPS Navigation

Precision Tracking Solutions asset management program gives your company and assets the best in GPS navigation and tracking solutions.

Precision Tracking Solutions

What is it you want from your system?

Our robust GPS tracking platforms keeps you connected to your fleet, in real time! Precision Tracking Solutions offers state-of-the-art hardware for every application, combined with a suite of powerful tools gives you the information and control you need to keep your fleet running at its best!

  • Track your vehicles and assets on-demand, with our live tracking. Sort vehicles by group, and share access across multiple users.
  • Monitor trip data, including speed, heading, engine hours, idle time, historic breadcrumb trails and more! Access complete travel history or monitor travel in real-time.
  • Create mobile or e-mail notifications for excessive speed, idle time, and more.
  • Customizable, automated reports delivered to your inbox, automatically. Create and schedule on your own, or simply let us know and our support staff will build your reports. API Integration available.
  • Our intuitive Routing tool allows users to search by destination to get the most done each day, reach more customers, reduce fuel costs, and avoid time lost sitting in traffic.
  • Create custom Geo-fences and receive automatic notification any time a vehicle enters or exits those areas.

Precision Tracking Solutions specializes in

  • GPS Tracking Suites
  • UAS / Drones
  • Cellular Boosters
  • DashCam
  • Driver Safety
  • Vehicle Security
  • Mobile DVR
  • Installation Services
  • TERP Monitoring
  • Custom Reporting
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