Instantly boost your cell signal wherever you are

Enjoy fewer dropped calls, faster internet speeds, improved video streaming, and more — with weBoost cell signal boosters in your home or vehicle.

Better Security

With its data always encrypted, internet connections are more secure over a cellular network.

Reliable Cell Signal

Access to reliable cell signal means greater peace of mind in any emergency situation.

Optimized Data

Enhanced coverage allows for more effective use of unlimited data plans and WiFi bandwidth.

DIR CUSTOMERS SEE WWW.weBoost.com for your product selection and request quote from info@ptstracking.com for DIR Price.

Need a Commercial Cell Booster Installer?

Poor cellular reception affects the bottom line. Wilson Amplifiers offers nationwide Floor Plan Analysis and System Design, Site Surveys, and complete Turnkey Installation services to ensure you get the peace of mind your business deserves.


We provide total coverage in-building for 4G, 4G LTE, and 3G cellular signal with our comprehensive installation services.


We design and integrate complete in-building public safety first responder radio systems.


We’ll set up a high-functioning passive or active DAS system for your large building or campus.


Our fleet solutions make sure you never lose contact with your drivers.


We design and optimize WiFi systems for your business.

We Optimize Your Commercial Signal Booster System

Proper installation of commercial-grade cellular signal amplifiers requires a trained system design expert to design and lay out your plan and an installation professional to ensure you get the best coverage and comply with all local and federal regulations. A Wilson Amplifiers complete installation can extend the life and efficiency of your investment by a substantial margin.

For Commercial Applications from www.wilsonamplifiers.com, please contact info@ptstracking.com for assistance.

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