Autonomy/Anomaly Detection

Training an ML model to accurately predict future equipment breakdown.

Historic data from 21 sensors labeled and augmented with synthetic data for simulated 10 years.

Model trained on labeled dataset and tested and on a separate labeled test-dataset.

Model can predict potentially catastrophic equipment failure 39-44 hours in advance. 782 % accuracy as tested

AI and computer based software which will train cameras to detect all forms of "Anomaly" type situations, for instance: methane leakage, sudden temperature changes, loss of pressure or any other form of actionable situation regarding equipment, environmental or scenarios that would require emergency type responses. Works on any server.

How Is Currux Vision Different?
Easy to use, automated, comprehensive, local.

  • No cloud required; works locally as well as in cloud
  • Uses data from existing sensors; no new hardware required
  • Includes an automated data labeling, pre-processing and augmentation tool
  • Custom trained AI models for each system / machine
  • Integrates with most SCADA systems to receive sensor data
  • Works in real time
  • Alerts about potential anomalies before they happen
  • Cost effective, minimal CPU hardware requirements

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