Smart Remote Safety

The system automatically detects individuals not wearing PPE

We are an AI based passive compliance tool for companies that want to know that their employees are wearing the required PPE for Covid-19 management.

If you have worn masks, you know that they are uncomfortable.  Also some people refuse to wear them and companies’ do not really know.

Using existing video cameras whenever possible, our software monitors 7x24 and alerts based on the company requirements for when a person (employee or vendor or customer) removes or is not wearing the PPE in a required area.   The alert may include a snapshot of the person as well as information about location and timing.

Helps insulate company/agency that they are monitoring environments and compliance.

Can be a displacement of other documentation methods – back up can be in physical and digital form.

Pictures, times and date stamp of event saved and sent to designated individual/s (multiple addressees)

This uses AI and computer-based software which will train cameras to detect all people not wearing Covid -19 required masks and issue alerts. Works on Currux Vision provided plug and play AGX servers and does not require cloud access. Supports up to four (4) video channels per license.

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