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Smart Intelligence Software by Currux Vision

Affordable Artificial Intelligence/Video Analytics (AI/VA) solutions accompanied by NVIDIA peripherals which benefit Law Enforcement, Surveillance and Security Monitoring, Traffic Control, Facial Recognition, License Plate Recognition, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Detection, Anomaly Detection Products and Services.

Currux Vision uses cutting edge AI, machine learning, and computer vision technologies to develop and deploy proprietary, end-to-end autonomous surveillance and management systems to improve safety, productivity, and security.

Designed from the ground up, our AI systems deliver affordable, scalable, accurate, flexible, and easy to implement end-to-end technology solutions that solve real problems at lower cost. Currux Vision was selected as one of the top AI & Machine

Currux Vision is proven to be close to 100% accurate and has analyzed over tens of thousands of hours of videos.  Our products are used by government agencies and enterprises for safety and security.  Unlike other companies – we do not breach consumer protection rules, we do not hold any of your data. Learning products of 2018 by Product Hunt.

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Currux Vision SmartCity AI Traffic Monitoring and Analytics

Smart City AI Traffic Analytics and Monitoring

Pedestrians Counting - Crosswalk Monitoring

Highway AI Demo

Currux Vision FaceID

Smart Surveillance - Currux Vision

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