Advanced GPS Fleet Management

Precision Tracking Solutions, Inc. (PTS) has been providing customized fleet management solutions since 2008. PTS has been the sole-source provider to the TERP program since 2010, by providing specific functionality reports and customer service that stands alone in the industry. We have a wide array of clients, across many different industries, and have worked with all types of vehicles and equipment.


We serve a wide array of clients and equipment, including :

Public Transportation
Heavy Equipment

Waste Management
Intermodal/Yard Dogs
Non-Powered Assets

Rental Equipment
Service Equipment

Live Tracking and Travel Data


Real-Time GPS Location and Travel Data

Our advanced GPS tracking suite makes it easy to keep tabs on all of your vehicles. Increase productivity and efficiency, reduce idle times, record usage, and much more! Access your devices from any PC with a web browser, or our mobile app. Available for Android and Apple devices.


Historical Tracking and Trip Information

Replay vehicle travel history, with vehicle speed, location, and trip odometer data. Follow the actual routes taken by drivers, during a user-specified time frame. Review specific events, such as speeding or harsh stops. Reduce fuel costs by reducing idle times and inefficient driving habits.


Live Activity Alerts

Create custom alerts for each vehicle or asset, with unlimited e-mail or SMS recipients. Get immediate notifications based on speed, harsh braking, idle time, PTO activation, after-hours activity, landmark or geo-fence arrivals/departures, and more!

Automated Monitoring and Reporting


Real-Time Usage Monitoring

Know what your vehicles are doing, and when. Custom input and output triggers allow us to monitor PTOs, booms, gantries, pumps, or any other switched device. Hardware profiles available for all types of on- and off-road equipment, including off-shore equipment and non-powered assets.


Custom Geo-Fencing and Landmarks

Create custom geo-fences and landmarks for use with routing, alerting, and reporting. Monitor and record when your vehicles leave for the day, arrive at each stop, and when they return for the day.


Automatic Driver Identification

Driver ID allows you to monitor and record which employee is operating each of your vehicles or assets; with no additional action needed from the driver! Track usage, automate reports, and more!


Consolidated Compliance and Usage Data

Track, record, and create automated reports for TERP usage monitoring, Hours-Of-Service compliance, maintenance reminders, per-use billing, reducing idle-time, and more. Automated reporting makes it easy for the right people to have the right data at the right time!

Synchronize and Connect


Unlimited User Profiles

Provide customized access to an unlimited number of users. Select which vehicle groups each user has access to, automatically deliver reports and alerts to the right people, and provide useful tools and information for your team.


Desktop and Mobile Access

Users can login from any web browser or our mobile app! Available for Android and Apple smartphones and tablets, you have 24/7 real-time access, for all users.

Get More Done


Expandable IoT Solutions

Share data between systems and interconnect a wide range of hardware, for all types of assets, to create custom IoT Solutions for every application. API information and integration services are available.


Provide Better Customer Service

Quickly identify which drivers are closest to any location, provide precise ETAs, calculate travel times, and reduce time wasted in traffic!

What we offer:

Why Precision Tracking Solutions, Inc.?

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